Florida Grown Specialties, Inc. a partner in the American Bamboo Farmers Alliance.

Empowering American Farmers to Give the World a Healthier Future

American Bamboo Farmers Alliance is, of course, a company based in the United States of America and we are proud to be an American based company.  We wanted to include Farmers Alliance in our name because if you farm bamboo, we are all in this together and we know that sharing information as well as resources when problems and solutions arise will make us a stronger and more successful entity.

American Bamboo Farmers Alliance touches every aspect of the overall bamboo market that includes the manufacture, the consumer and all retail aspects of the business.

We will contract to purchase your bamboo and provide you with an avenue to sell your shoots and trunks for the highest price available.

We are committed to developing the infrastructure and network necessary to bring bamboo shoots and trunks to a highly under serviced and underutilized market.

Joining our bamboo farming alliance will unify our mission and cause and will allow you to participate in this unique opportunity to be able to market a crop that envelopes a 96-Billion-dollar worldwide industry.

All bamboo farmers are invited to join the American Bamboo Farmers Alliance for a set reasonable cost.  After joining our members enjoy participating in a set buyers’ network where profits are known upfront with set purchase pricing for both shoots and culms.  After the membership fee has been paid in full the member receives 100% of the profits from their for the remainder of their 10-year contract.

There is no upfront cost to join the American Bamboo Farmers Alliance and all fees come from the harvest yield only…There is no upfront out of pocket cost unless you choose to pay your membership fee upfront.  All membership contracts are for a 10-year duration and are also renewable at a discounted rate.