Florida Grown Specialties, INC

Phillip Rucks Citrus Nursery - A proven leader in Citrus and Bamboo

At one time, Florida Grown Specialties, Inc was a subsidiary of Phillip Rucks Nursery, Inc, which was established by Phillip Rucks in 1997. With over 36 years of experience Phillip Rucks Citrus Nursery is the largest screened commercial citrus nursery in the US with propagation of one million trees annually.  Florida Grown Specialties grows many specialty crops with a dedicated staff and facilities. Bamboo is our latest commercial crop in setting the standards in farming of bamboo shoots and culms to be developed into diversified markets for decades to come.

Is commercial bamboo right for you?

Our First Planting with zero plant loss!

The day of planting we will coordinate with you and the planting crew when the plants will be delivered.  We will advise you when to turn on your irrigation and the planting crew will prepare the holes, properly place the correct fertilizer at the correct application rate, evaluating the needs of each plant and adjust the root base accordingly and finally mudding in the plants for the final planting steps.

Planting bamboo is not intuitive!  We have shared our experience and science-based knowledge with the planting crew and developed a specific protocol for each soil type and field. At Florida Grown Specialties we offer the knowledge, education and continued support you need to succeed.