Shoots Consumer Sales

What are shoots

Bamboo shoots are the edible shoots (new bamboo culms that come out of the ground) which are so high in nutritional value they are considered a superfood.  There are a set number of bamboo shoots that are produced by the bamboo clump on a yearly basis.

It is very important that the farmer understands all the information which must be evaluated when determining how many shoots to harvest as well as what height to harvest them at.

The US is the number 1 importer of bamboo shoots with about $519 million dollars every year. Until recently, they haven’t been growing on a commercial site for retail distribution because they are available on a limited basis. Bamboo shoots should be harvested within two weeks after being in the ground. They are considered a superfood that’s highly nutritious, gluten free and low in carbs. Fresh shoots sold at the grocery store are 8 to 10 inches in height whereas processed shoots are put into a jar and derived from shoots which are larger.

Our shoots will be sold through International Specialty Produce, Inc. They have been distributing bamboo shoots throughout every major city in the United States for over 20 years.  They understand the fresh bamboo market and have agreed to an exclusive distribution agreement for Florida Grown Specialty Farms. One of the many benefits of planting with Florida Grown Specialties. 

Culm Opportunities

What are culms?

All shoots that don’t get harvested will grow into culms and Asper Bamboo is perfect for that. Asper has large woody culms that get to be between 60 to 90 ft tall and has relatively thick walls which become thinner towards the top of the culm. The lower culms show rootlets that come from the nodes and the internodes are long, pale green and covered with short brown hairs. Culms are usually harvested between October to March and grow up to 3 ft a day until they reach maturity. The thick culms are usually saved to produce lumber for construction material.

Understanding exactly how to harvest the culms to ensure the farm is delivering the highest possible profit is a science in itself. At Florida Grown Specialties we have done the research and have the experience to know the answer to these questions and many others.

Construction Grade Culms

A closer look at Bamboo Slats and items made from them

Bamboo slats are strips of bamboo that range in diameter, width and length used in the making of construction material. Bamboo slats are derived from bamboo culms and as an Asper Bamboo farm ages, it produces the ability to increase the number of slats that can come from each culm.

Florida Grown Nursery and King Bamboo are committed to bringing this added value opportunity to Florida.

Specialized knowledge and an expandable manufacturing facility are required to produce this unique product. FGS and King Bamboo will be committing $250,000 to $500,0000 in initial cost to bring this opportunity to our farmers.

At Florida Grown Specialties we have done the research and have the experience to capitalize on every possible market.

Opportunity Partners

International Specialty Produce

A closer look at International Specialty Produce (ISP)

International Specialty Produce has been in business since June 1, 2000. The CEO, Bobby Wani, has done business in over 15 Countries in Central and South America. They are importers of Asian Fruits and Vegetables and source many products locally. They distribute to wholesalers in all the major cities around the USA and Canada and as time has progressed, many wholesalers have started to carry many Asian related products. Their customer base is not only targeted for Asian markets but all markets in general. They have sold bamboo from places like the Dominican Republic and Homestead, FL, which has helped them establish a customer base for fresh bamboo shoots. 

“Bamboo has very good potential to become a very good product if done properly and consistently. Compared to 20 years ago, the market is much bigger for this product and it can be more accepted in the mainstream as well. The demand is there but we need the supply. This will change if we can start getting this product from farmers in the US that can supply us with a good quality product with consistency” – Bobby Wani.

Their customer base throughout the country is able to help develop this market on a weekly basis. They have access to all the Wholesalers in all the major cities which gives us the power to be able to distribute bamboo shoots. Bamboo also goes very well with their product line that they currently have because all the wholesalers are able to use bamboo along with all the other products they sell to the same customers.  

The International Specialty Produce warehouse is Primus Certified which is an invaluable accreditation in order to sell to most of the Wholesalers in the USA. This is a very important certification to have and it is not easy to obtain because strict standards have to be maintained in the accredited facility year around. 

ISP is PACA licensed and listed in the Blue Book which is a produce book that lists all companies and their credibility.  ISP is also licensed and bonded in Florida. Florida Grown Specialties is proud to have an exclusive relationship with ISP because we feel it will allow farmers to get the highest possible price for their shoot harvest every year.

At Florida Grown Specialties we are excited and proud to be exclusively working with such an established wholesaler and distributor who is committed to purchasing all the shoots that our farmers can produce on a weekly basis. 


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